Even the Failing NYT Now Admits It: Emails ‘Undercut’ Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’

nyt drops russia collusion

According to a New York Times article on Friday, the theory that Donald Trump’s campaign team was in cahoots with those pesky Russians doesn’t hold water in the aftermath of the revelation that the Russian officials were trying to connect with Hope Hicks, one of President Trump’s aides. Here’s from the failing NYT piece:

“The Russian emails to Ms. Hicks occurred six months after the F.B.I. had begun investigating possible connections between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia. In some ways, the Russian outreach to Ms. Hicks undercuts the idea that the Russian government had established deep ties to the Trump campaign before the election. If it had, Russian officials might have found a better entrèe to the White House than unprompted emails to Ms. Hicks.”

However, the probe into the so-called Russian interference in 2016’s election cycle led by special counsel Robert Mueller is still going on full throttle and four campaign aides have already been charged due to the investigation, yet none of the respective charges has anything to do with collusion or Russia whatsoever. Hope Hicks was interviewed by Mueller’s team on Thursday and Friday.

We already know that several members of Congress from both parties investigating the Russian collusion conspiracy have admitted they haven’t seen any evidence of collusion. On the good side of the news, the Mueller investigation inadvertently uncovers the deep state corruption and politicization with each day that passes. The public needs to know, and everyday this charade continues, more people will know it. Even though everybody with half a birdbrain knows that nothing about ‘Russia’ will be revealed, a lot of other things are being leaked that implicate the former administration in a vast scandal of manipulation, espionage on their political opponents and even treason.

And now the DEMs and their MSM mouthpieces are slowly backing away from the Russian hysteria ,while ramping up a new hysteria: sexual harassment, the goal of each being ‘Get Trump’.