Ex-FBI Assistant Director Confident Inspector General Report Contains “Pure TNT” (VIDEO)

Ex-FBI Assistant Director Confident Inspector General Report Contains "Pure TNT" (VIDEO)

Chris Swecker is a former FBI Assistant Director and he told Fox News’ host  Harris Faulkner on Friday that he’s confident the Justice Department Inspector General’s report will contain some pure TNT, as he put it, i.e. highly compromising intel on Obama’s administration. To make a long story short, Andrew McCabe, former FBI director Comey, and the FBI love-birds Lisa Page and Peter Strzork were put on notice for their (mis)handling of the Clinton email investigation.

Let’s remember that  DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz is the man who is investigating the FBI over their conduct surrounding the 2016 election, and he’s doing it for over a year now. Also, Horowitz uncovered the now-famous text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzork, 50,000+ of them, revealing how these 2 FBI operatives who were directly implicated in the counter-intel op launched against Donald Trump’s campaign and also in the exoneration of Hillary Clinton were boasting their rabid hatred towards the Donald.

Swecker: “The behavior if it’s manifested in the action with your thumb on the scale of a particular investigation, one way or the other, that’s borderline criminal behavior — manipulating an investigation. I think this IG report is going to be particularly impactful, more so than any of these useless congressional investigations. I think you’re going to see some pure TNT come out in this IG report.”



Carter: What we know tonight is that FBI Director Christopher Wray went Sunday and reviewed the four-page FISA memo. The very next day, Andrew McCabe was asked to resign. Remember Sean, he was planning on resigning in March – that already came out in December. This time they asked him to go right away. You’re not coming into the office. I’ve heard rep[orts he didn’t even come in for the morning meeting – that he didn’t show up.

Hannity: A source of mine told me tonight that when Wray read this, it shocked him to his core.

Sara Carter: Shocked him to his core, and not only that, the Inspector General’s report – I have been told tonight by a number of sources, there’s indicators right now that McCabe may have asked FBI agents to actually change their 302’s – those are their interviews with witnesses. So basically every time an FBI agent interviews a witness, they have to go back and file a report.

Hannity: Changes? So that would be obstruction of justice? 

Carter: Exactly. This is something the Inspector General is investigating. If this is true and not alleged, McCabe will be fired. I heard they are considering firing him within the next few days if this turns out to be true.

Meanwhile, a number of GOP Senators are demanding Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice to initiate a special counsel to investigate the FBI’s conduct during its probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Obviously, one of the hottest points in the respective investigation would be FBI’s use of the Steele dossier with regard to requesting FISA warrants against Carter Page, Trump’s ex-campaign adviser.
“We believe that a special counsel is needed to work with the Inspector General to independently gather the facts and make prosecutorial decisions, if any are merited. The Justice Department cannot credibly investigate itself without these enhanced measures of independence”