Exposed: Hillary Clinton, DNC Paid for ‘Russian Dossier’ on Trump

hillary clinton dnc behind trump dossier

To no one’s surprise really, the news just broke on what most of us previously suspected and now we have confirmation of: no other than the Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Hillary Clinton lied, as her campaign team and the Democratic National Committee paid for the now debunked and infamous “Trump Dossier”, which was one of the main motives for the Trump Campaign Team-Russia collusion investigation supervised by Clinton operative and bag-man Robert Mueller.

It is now an established fact that Democrats funded the former British spy Christopher Steele, who compiled the so-called Trump Dossier. And that shows how Democrats leveraged Russian sources in order to spread fake news/fake intel about a political opponent, with the end game being them trying to sway an election. Sounds familiar, right? That’s what they’ve accused Russians of, in typical leftist doctrine: accuse others of what you were doing in the first place.

It is not clear how much money the Democrats spent on that fake Trump Dossier, but we do know that the law firm of Clinton’s attorney Mark Elias, Perkins Coie respectively, received 5.6 million dollars in legal fees from June 2015 to December 2016 from Clinton Campaign team and an additional 3.6 million dollars from the DNC since November 2015. It is fairly logical to assume that at least a portion of that money was used to pay for the Trump Dossier. There were also Republicans involved in Fusion GPS’s efforts to dig into Trump’s background, but they were not identified so far.

The Trump dossier was mainly compiled in Moscow from Steele’s reports prepared for Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS then turned Steele’s reports to Clinton’s attorney Elias, who shared the intel with DEM’s campaign and who know else. Here’s Trump eerie tweet from a couple of days ago:


Long story short, here’s the deal:

  • Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid to uncover and package dirt, whether factual or not, on Trump which eventually found its way in the Trump dossier
  • In doing so, the Clintons and the DNC were effectively collaborating with “deep” sources, both among the UK spy apparatus and inside Russia
  • Once Trump won, the FBI was instrumental in “leaking” the dossier to the mainstream media and select still unknown recipients (the same way Comey “leaked” just a few months later, following his termination).
  • The former head of the FBI who was supposed to probe Clinton’s State Department – and the Clinton Foundation – for a bribery and kickback scheme involving Russia’s U.S. nuclear business, is now investigating Trump for Russia collusion instead

I’ve always believed that the whole collusion narrative has been just a smokescreen thrown up by the Democrats in desperation after Hillary lost. The number of their misdeeds, both in the normal course of government by the Obama administration and during the campaign by Hillary, was phenomenal but they believed they could destroy all of the evidence once Hillary came to power. She lost and they panicked, ergo the collusion smokescreen.

The Clinton house of cards is about to collapse. If she had been elected she would have been impeached if she could not hide these facts. This is a very big deal. President Trump will come out on top as he has been right all along. The Democrats need to have a serious talk with themselves if they want to survive. The uranium deal smells very bad; someone will likely go to jail.

If you look at the timeline, the democrats were involved in this Fake News from Russia, then the media followed by questioning Trump about it. Trump may have praised the Russian leaders nationalism, but that was it.

Then Comey had to give Mueller a reason to come in and clean it up