Facebook Begins War Against Fake News by Removing Accounts

fake news

According to an official report from the world’s biggest social-media platform, Facebook’s war against the “fake news” meme has already begun. Ahead of Britain’s general election on June 8th, thousand of Facebook accounts were deleted by the company’s admins in the tech giant’s drive to annihilate fake news.

To make things even better, Facebook bought adds in British newspapers and various media outlets, providing “free advice” to readers on how to spot fake news stories in thirty seconds flat. Facebook promotes  a healthy dose of skepticism, suggesting readers to look beyond the headline and look closely at the article’s URL. Basically, if the article is not from a mainstream media outlet, it’s probably fake news, right? Wrong, but let that one go.

The statement from Facebook brags about significant improvements into the company’s algorithms, which are now bigger, better, faster, more, i.e. they are ready and able to combat fake news more effectively via detecting fake news accounts, whatever that means.

Facebook’s director of policy in the United Kingdom, Mr. Simon Milner respectively has said for AP that his company wants to take care of the fake news problem once and for all, getting to the root of the issue so to speak, and it works with the so called fact check organizations (as in third parties) to analyze content quickly and rapidly, especially with the elections coming around in less than a month now. Basically, Facebook is doing everything in its powers to mitigate the so called fake news problem.

The only issue nobody’s talking about is the big fat elephant in the room so to speak,  and I am talking about readers’ capacity of disseminating fake news stories from genuine ones. And that goes to education, which is state owned currently all over the world (more or less in the US). And if state owned education creates a citizenry incapable of critical thinking and detecting fake news from real ones (whatever that means), now we must rely on a private company to resolve the problem?

Obviously, it won’t work. And censorship is next. For the sake of the children, see?