Facebook Breaks Silence: Most of Russia’s Ad Spending Happened After the Election

Facebook Official Most of Russia’s Ad Spending Happened After the Election

Following yesterday’s exercise in futility (some call it a deflection), i.e. the indictments of Russian nationals and “entities” (basically internet trolls who allegedly helped the Donald to become POTUS) by the special counsel Mueller’s team, while the FBI did its best to ignore potential mass murders in Florida, we just learned that team Hillary outspent those pesky Russian by a 53-1 factor  and guess what: she still lost. But that’s old news, it was all due to sexism, right?

Moving on to our story, even if the Mueller indictment shows that Russians also promoted Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders against Hillary, it doesn’t matter in the great scheme of things. The monthly budget  of those Russian operatives trying to influence the election was reportedly 1.2 million dollars in September 2016. Hillary Clinton, together with supporting PAC Priorities USA , spent a whopping $800 million in 2016, which translates into 66 million a month, i.e. 53x more money than the Russians, provided the 1.2 million figure is accurate/the same for the entire year,not just September.


However, not all of the money(the claimed 1.2 million/month) were used to boost the Donald, as chunks of that sum went to Bernie and Jill, together with financial support for leftist groups such as Woke Blacks and Blacktivist. Even after the election, Russians continued to sow division in the US by financing anti Trump groups in the #resist movement. And here’s the kicker:




So, the Russians were involved in a “disinformation effort meant to sow discord in US domestic politics”??? And how is this different from what the left, Obama and the MSM have been doing for years? The clear goal of the Russians is to divide us, okay, got it. But that is exactly the same goal that the main-stream media and the Democrat party have. Their goal is to divide. That is the whole point of identity politics. At the end of the day, the Russians and CNN both want the same thing- totalitarian leftist rule. To think that we were so, so close to them getting their way is frightening.

Facebook does nothing about groups like Occupy Democrats that pump out Soviet-style leftist propaganda. Scalise’s shooter belonged to Facebook groups named “The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans” and another named “Terminate the Republican Party.” Meanwhile Google’s YouTube censors Prager University.

Facebook is not innocent in all this. In one corner, we have Facebook’s VP saying the majority of Russian ads were intended to sow discord in America. In another corner, we have MSM, Democrats (sorry about the duplication), and who knows how many article commenters rabidly pushing for impeachment over nothing.

Wouldn’t that mean that the Russian collusion rabble are Russian stooges?

Now, if you ask me, there were no “Russian hackers”. Mueller and the MSM are calling the people who bought advertisements on Facebook to get click bait for their (fake news or not) websites in order to generate revenue to be “Russian hackers”, because that fits their Russia collusion narrative. It’s a complete joke, but the joke’s on us.