Facebook Censorship Reaches Orwellian Levels

facebook censorship reaches orwellian levels

As that old saying goes, Orwell’s 1984 was not to be taken as an instruction manual by today’s totalitarians, and that fits Facebook’s policies like a glove. In 2017, Facebook, the social media giant which was founded in a country where the first amendment in the constitution guarantees free political speech, just banned one of its users for 7 days for the crime of asking the European Union to implement sensible migration policies. That’s the exact quote of the think-crime.

The post in question which landed the user in Facebook jail for a week reads:

“A reminder that the EU, while drowning in their own mess, threatens to punish Poland for failing to meet their “refugee quota”.

“It is time for sensible migration policies that work for the people. It’s not ok to use your own population as a tool for signalling to your peers how virtuous and caring you are.”

And if you think that’s a joke, here’s the screenshot with the punishment and the reason for it:

facebook censors


This post seems to have violated Facebook’s mysterious community standards on the basis of attacking someone (who exactly?) based on, let me quote:  “race, ethnicity or national origin”. Further violations of Facebook politically correct dogma will result in permanent account ban. It’s funny that these totalitarian tech companies which are banning and suspending users left and right for free speech basically, are now deploring FCC’s vote to terminate Barack Obama’s so-called net neutrality rules, which is just another fancy (and duplicitous) name for regulating the internet.

Facebook is well known for aggressively cracking down on anti-open borders/anti mass-immigration users.

This post is not attacking anybody for their “race, ethnicity or national origin”.The language used can hardly even qualify as an “attack” in general. It’s an opinion of displeasure towards the ACTIONS of the EU, i.e. it’s political dissent at most.

For Facebook to stretch the policy cited so much to justify a punishment for this post – in effect to silence free speech in a cyber-fascism tactic – it speaks volumes to their bias and support towards certain political agendas.