Facebook COO: “Fake News” Did Not Sway the Election

Sheryl Sandberg Agrees With Mark Zuckerberg

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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said during an interview on the Today show that she agrees with Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg with regard to the meme circulated in the mainstream media about the so called “Fake News” swaying the election in favor of Donald Trump.

The left is still trying to blame anything and everything for the incredible loss the DEMs were handed on November 8th, yet even Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg dismissed the suggestion as “crazy”.

During her interview with Samantha Guthrie on the Today show, Sherly Sandberg agreed with her boss, Facebook Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg that fake news played no role in changing the results of the US election.

There have been claims that it swayed the election, and we don’t think it swayed the election, but we take that responsibility really seriously,” 

said Sandberg.

We’re looking at things, like working with third parties, helping to label false news, doing the things we can do to make it clearer what’s a hoax on Facebook.”

We’ve been working on this for a long time, and we’ve taken important steps, but there’s a lot more to do,” We know that people don’t want to see hoaxes on Facebook, and we don’t want to see hoaxes on Facebook. And so we’re working on it because misinformation is something we take seriously and something we’re going to continue to iterate on the service.

Sandberg added. Thing is, the left should try to understand the fact that it’s their ideology that was rejected on November 8th vote and they should begin working at fixing their arguments instead of blaming Russians, fake news and others for their mistakes.


Besides the fake news meme, even the CIA is now claiming that they know about certain Russian individuals involved in the leaked emails which exposed Hillary Clinton’s corruption. Even if WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stated very clearly that the leaks did not originate from the Russians, CIA and the mainstream media are still pedaling the idea that Clinton lost the elections due to Russian interference.

We are supposed to believe that CIA knows the names of foreign actors involved in an attempt to destabilize the US elections, though nobody’s going to get extradited nor arrested, even if the Obama administration was totally ruthless when it came to persecuting whistle-blowers or pursuing foreign hackers. Just think Guccifer or Edward Snowden. Yet, in this case which is orders of magnitude more important, the evidence is missing, there were no arrests made in the US and it looks like the CIA are absolutely making it up.


Source The Daily Caller