Facebook Suspends Mom Over Posts Citing Bible on Homosexuality

Elizabeth Johnston lives in Ohio and she home-schools her 10 kids while running a very popular conservative website “The Activist Mommy“. Also, she has a Facebook page in Zuckerberg’s “digital ghetto” as Matt Drudge put it very concisely one year ago when he was speaking about the corporate social media and internet censorship on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and the like.

And speaking of censorship, let’s get back to our story about Elizabeth Johnston who was interviewed by the Christian Post on Tuesday, when she claimed that Facebook suspended her page earlier in February because she cited the Holy Book’s Leviticus, that part where God condemns homosexuality for being detestable and an abomination.

Elizabeth told the Christian Post that the respective quote from the Bible was posted in the comments section on her Facebook account over half a year ago in a long thread of comments responding to another user who said that Christians are hypocrites for condemning homosexuality yet they have no problem with eating pork and shellfish.

The quote from the Bible condemning homosexuality was deleted by Facebook on February 9th and her Activist Mommy Facebook page which has a strong 76,000 followers was frozen for 3 days, with the reason given being “it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.”

Someone had commented underneath one of my videos and were commenting under the thread and said something about how Old Testament law prohibits the eating of pork — one of the homosexuals’ favorite arguments to make. I responded with just scriptural commentary and that is considered ‘hate speech’ by Facebook. It was just very intellectual and it was just a commentary on what the Bible says. There was no name calling or anything like that.

explained Elizabeth Johnston. Her account was reinstated on February 12th and after she re-posted her opinions about the Holy Book condemning homosexuality, Facebook removed the post again and suspended her page for another 7 days:

Last Sunday, I posted something about the ban, explaining to my followers where I had been the last three days and reposted the screenshot and wrote #FacebookCensorship. That ticked them off and they didn’t like that at all. It was going viral. Just within a few hours, they had banned me again and they were going to make it more painful.”

Facebook has a history with suppressing conservative opinions, as last year the social media giant was accused of censoring conservative news sites on its trending news section. When that happened, Zuckerberg denied any allegation that Facebook intentionally censors conservative news outlets and stated that his company is committed to building a platform for all ideas.

Facebook failed to provide a specific reason as for why Elizabeth Johnston’s posts were removed and her account was suspended. The company’s community standards section explains that Facebook has a policy of removing various forms of hate speech, which is the term coined by LGBT activists for describing bible teachings on homosexuality.

Even if Elizabeth’s post only cited the Bible without attacking any particular person, she was reported most probably by liberal activists and trolls for hate speech and considering how Facebook’s algorithm is designed, that was sufficient for having her posts deleted and her account suspended:

“The fact of it is that the people who have more influence and a following as conservative Christians and have a larger voice in the culture are at greater risk for this type of thing happening. We can be innocent as a baby but if a homosexual goes onto a website and tells everybody to report ‘The Activist Mommy,’ then I end up getting banned.


Source: The Christian Post