Facebook To Label “News”

Rise of Truth Police


Following the mass hysteria in the mainstream media with regard to fake news influencing the outcome of the 2016 election, Facebook is stepping up to the plate announcing today that they’re starting to fact checking, labeling and finally, burying hoaxes and fake news from their users News Feeds.

According to a statement from Thursday, Facebook took the decision after they received a ton of criticism for its alleged role in spreading the “fake news” avalanche during the presidential election in the United States.

The story used as an example of fake news helping Donald Trump (of course) was the one claiming that the Pope was endorsing The Donald. In order to combat hoaxes and fake news stories, Facebook will team up with the mainstream media, of course, because the mainstream media is the champion of morality and integrity (I’m being sarcastic here obviously).

Hence, ABC News and Snopes (among others) will be part of an international fact checking network which is to be led by a school of journalism from Florida, Poynter respectively. Facebook’s new initiative will start with a small percentage of its US based users initially in a beta-test of sorts, making it easier for the respective users to report news stories that are thought to be misleading or fake or whatever.

I wonder what the Onion has to say about this new censorship attempt from the tech giant, which seems to consider its users as certified morons by default, i.e. unwashed plebes who can’t discern fact for fiction, the truth from a blatant lie and so on and so forth, but I am digressing.

Now, if the reported stories are deemed to be fake or misleading by Facebook’s Komissars via fact checking (what else?), they’ll be labeled and demoted in the News Feeds.

There will be also algorithms used by Facebook, that will detect automatically if a story deemed to be fake is going viral and obviously, the respective story will be automatically buried in people’s News Feeds.

Despite Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s recently expressed concerns with regard to fake news spreading over social media influencing elections, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg called it as a pretty crazy suggestion, i.e. the alleged fake news on Facebook had no effect in swaying the vote in favor of Donald Trump.

Source: Business Insider