Facebook Vows to Tackle Blasphemous Content

According to Yahoo News citing the country’s interior minister, Facebook has assured Pakistan’s officials that their concerns about blasphemy spreading through the world’s biggest social media platform will be addressed shortly, as a Facebook delegation will visit the country this week to talk about these issues with the Pakistani government.

In case you are already wondering what blasphemy means in an Islamic country, well, criticizing Islam makes for an offence punishable by death. And yes, Facebook just vowed to suppress free speech in Pakistan and to help enforce blasphemy laws together with the government, let that sink in real good.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister together with the country’s Minister of Interior ordered Facebook  earlier this month to remove or block blasphemous content on their platform and to help report the persons spreading this kind of content to the authorities. Again, as a criminal offense in an Islamic country, blasphemy is punishable by death.

Just to get an idea about what’s happening in the world in 2017,  Ayaz Nizami, a Pakistan based blogger is about to be executed for the sin of “blasphemy” ( which is basically a thought crime, as he  dared to criticized Islam on his personal blog) and Facebook promised to work with the Pakistani government (and the Chinese chicoms by the way) in their crack down on free speech/blasphemers or whatever you want to call it.

Let that sink in take two.

It’s obvious that the so called “Progressives” on the left are always combating an imaginary Christian theocracy while supporting ACTUAL Muslim theocracies around the globe.

Bottom line, a US based corporation is going to actively censor online content to satisfy the demands of a corrupt theocracy that supports terrorism.

Facebook will support the Islamic State of Pakistan, their ideologies, and mute any concept of conservatism, freedoms, and or rebuttals to the radical Islamic States control over its people.

Facebook will also remove any type of content that reports rapes, beheadings, beatings of women, children and other abuses because that would also be considered blasphemy to the Islamic State of Pakistan. From social media to Censor City. That’s the path Facebook has traveled.