Fake News CNN Lies about Hamburg G20 Riots, Calls Them Peaceful Protests

cnn fake news g20

The very fake news network also known as CNN  reached an amazing new low this weekend, when they stupidly lied trying to protect the left wing/anti capitalist rioters who gathered on the streets of Hamburg, Germany, for “protesting” (oh, the irony) the G20 meeting (attended by Donald Trump). We covered the protest via 2 articles here at theissue.com, check out 1 and 2.

What do you think CNN had to say about the violent hordes of Antifa’/ Black Bloc thugs who burned the city, torched cars, beat journalists, attacked police and destroyed private property for absolutely no reason? One may live under the impression that these guys are trying to destroy themselves and truth be told, they’re doing an amazing job, at least in this department:




What really happened was documented in the aforementioned articles I’ve provided in the first paragraph: the eclectic/multicultural/international “mix” of “peaceful” “demonstrators” were actually violent (drunken) thugs who set cars on fire and fought with the police, looted stores and beat up journalists.

And yes, CNN is very fake news. According to these unhinged so-called journalists, this is peaceful (check out the video from the tweet) :



To tell you the truth, I believe that CNN (and the whole MSM for that matter) will never recover from this. I know that’s kind of overstated, but it’s almost a certainty now. It was bad enough when they were losing customers with the proliferation of info/entertainment sources courtesy of the “interwebz“.

But since the first Obama election cycle — when they threw all professionalism aside and became his dogged, militant promoters — they have so destroyed the product they offer, there is no way they’ll return to anything close to their former status in the society. The quality of their product is disastrous. And the Internet makes avoiding them easy. They are done.