Fake News: Deputy AG Rosenstein Did Not Threaten to Quit over Trump Firing FBI Director Comey

fake news

Another day has passed us by and the liberal/left wing corporate media was caught with their pants down pedaling yet another fake news story. This time, the mainstream media pushed the sensationalist story about the United States Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein threatening to quit over President Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey. Cute, but wrong. The story is good, but the problem is, it never happened.

This is a classic case of fake news, as Deputy AG  Rod Rosenstein has said during an interview with a WJLA reporter (Michelle Macoluso) that he never threaten to quit with regard to the POTUS canning James Comey situation.


However, the quintessential fake news outlet Washington Post which is also known as Jeff Bezos personal blog pushed a story on Wednesday claiming that AG Rosenstein threatened to quit over President Trump’s decision to let James Comey go.

This never happened and the Washington Post was proven wrong, as usual.


The same liberal mouthpiece (WaPo) has said on Wednesday that James Comey asked for additional funding before he was fired. The claimed extra-funds were aimed at boosting the Russia meddling with the US election (fake-news) investigation. However, we got word today from the Acting FBI Director McCabe  that this so-called breaking news story is yet another case of fake news.

“I strongly believe the Russia investigation is adequately resourced.”


The favorite technique of the fake-news media is to invent a narrative and attribute it to “officials say.”, i.e. “Officials say” CNN hosts pedophile pizza parties every Friday.And then they all cite each other for their echo chamber.

And that’s how the fake news narrative comes alive and becomes mainstream truth. The thing is, I don’t think anybody watches them or reads their BS anymore. I believe they’re all putting on a big charade to make it look like they got it going on. It’s obvious that the resistance we see here smells like astro-turf, organized and paid for by the left. None of them have an original thought. It’s obvious they are reading off a talking points sheet because they all sound the same. Bottom line we just need to ignore all of them. Let them die on the vine like the rotting fruit they are.