Fake News Mainstream Media Gets Triggered by POTUS Feeding Fish in Japan

trump feeds fish fake news

The term fake news is truer than ever, as today we just got word about the left wing corporate mainstream media and progressives on social media alike getting triggered by President Trump feeding fish during his visit in Japan. The fake news mainstream media claims that the POTUS behaved in an uncivilized manner, when in reality he was just following the lead of Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister.

The story goes something like this: Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Trump were seen on camera in the Akasaka palace in Tokyo feeding koi carp (a species of Japanese fish) with fish-food from a box using a spoon. The fake news media in the US/UK then shows how President Trump empties the remaining food from the box into the pond below, thus creating a firestorm on social media from triggered leftists, who claimed the Donald was an ignorant and uncivilized gaijin and all that crap.

However, what the fake news media doesn’t show is Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe doing the exact same thing a few seconds BEFORE the POTUS. Here’s the complete video:

And here’s how the left wing MSM reported it, omitting to tell their readers that Abe emptied his box first, thus pushing the fake narrative the Donald had insulted his host:






cnn is fake news

It’s pretty obvious that the mainstream media are all fed the same information and told how to report it and when. Every agency reports the same fake news with edited videos/pictures. Makes it hard for average people to get the real news, when ninety nine percent of news is controlled by the never-Trump left.

Now i understand how embarrassed Iraqis were with Baghdad Bob. Our entire media complex is full of Bahgdad Bobs!

trump feeds fish