Fake News Media Meltdown: 3 Screw-Ups in Just One Week!

President Trump Holds A Rally In Pensacola, Florida

The fake news corporate leftist media is having a bad week, or maybe a bad year, and it seems that they’re still doing their best to accelerate the downfall. This week has been devastating for what credibility they have left, as no less than 3 different “bombshell” stories about the alleged President Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory were shot down in flames by reality, with the end result being insincere apologies, corrections/updates of the stories and even suspensions.

The “fake news of the year” story was disseminated by ABC’s Brian Ross, who got suspended from the network without pay after it became obvious that his bombshell story about candidate Trump directing Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn to contact Russian officials was as fake as a three dollar bill. However, the stock market took a dive that day, while View’s Joy Behar made a fool of herself gloating at the idea of Trump getting impeached. After ABC’s fake news story was debunked, President Trump suggested a mass suit against the network for the damages provoked by their false Flynn reporting:


The second-best fake news story of the “current year” is owned by both Bloomberg and Reuters, as they reported last Tuesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had subpoenaed Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank. The report was quickly described as fake news by White House Press Secretary Sarah H. Sanders, as she call it as being completely false the same day during a presser.

Last but not least, there’s the WikiLeaks email story, reported by whom else than very-fake-news CNN. CNN claimed that senior Trump officials, including the Donald himself, received emails from a mysterious sender, emails that provided them with links to unreleased WikiLeaks docs. However, it was revealed later that the docs linked in the respective emails were actually day-old WikiLeaks releases. CNN did not apologize for the screw up, yet they’ve issued a correction. President Trump went on to Twitter and said:



And here’s Trump Jr.:


By the way, I’ve caught President Trump’s speech in Pensacola Florida and he was right on the money. This may have been the best presentation I’ve seen Donald Trump make. He hit all the high notes. He was spontaneous. He was genuine. He was engaging. Most of all, he was right. He did a marvelous job reminding us why we elected him and just how much he has accomplished in less than 1 year, despite the adversity and propaganda from both mass media and the RINO establishment.

He also reminded us how much better off we are in this very short span of time, than we were a year ago. Did anyone think Trump could turn our economy around so fast, so strong and so thoroughly and in such a short time? I hoped for it. I believed he could at some point. But I didn’t think it would happen so quickly.