Fake News: Trump Did Not Shove Montenegro Leader

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In their frenzy to create scandals and to bash President Trump for real or imaginary reasons, the mainstream media obsessed on Thursday about the POTUS shoving the Montenegro prime minister during a NATO summit. The video went viral on social networks and truth be told, it’s so funny it hurts. I mean, watching this video makes me think that Donald Trump is just like a kid: sometimes he does stuff that pisses me off, but I love him more and more by the day!

Now, getting back to the corporate fake news media, the likes of CNN and CNBC presented a video (in heavy rotation) on Thursday which shows President Trump attending the NATO summit in Brussels and claiming that he dissed Montenegro’s Prime Minister Markovic by pushing him aside.



Hence, President Trump is a bad guy, right? Imagine my shock! The thing is, Donald Trump is the definition of the assertive alpha-male, while the left mainstream media is used to dear leader Barry Obama’s passive and weak attitude. If you watch the full video, you’ll see how The Donald pats Montenegro’s Prime Minister Markovic on the back, there’s no story there, Trump is just acting like the leader of the free world.

The thing is, Montenegro is not a NATO member, not yet anyway, and the NATO protocol requires for the US President to stand in front of the “pack”, right next to the UK, as these 2 are the most important members with the biggest armies and all that.

The Donald also “pushed” some NATO members at the summit for not spending enough money on defense, as per their commitments, during the unveiling of a memorial honoring the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks: