Far Left Facebook Group: ‘Murder Republicans!’

“Dear crazed shooters, the GOP has frequent baseball practice”

Facebook Group 'Murder Republicans!'

Following the Florida School massacre, a far left Facebook group is asking for “all those crazy shooters out there” to kill Republicans as revenge for the…well, shooting. As you can see from the picture above, the Facebook group is ironically called Milkshakes Against the Republican Party, which is a reference to snowflakes most probably, the word used by Conservatives to describe social justice warriors; now, this unhinged left-wing group is calling for the murder of GOP lawmakers, due to their support for the NRA (National Rifle Association), because in left’s vision, the NRA is responsible for the Florida School mass shooting. Why?

It’s pretty simple: the left/collectivists in general don’t believe in personal freedom and personal responsibility for one’s actions, i.e. if a crazy 19 year old kid (registered Democrat by the way) on psychiatric drugs takes a gun and shoots up a school, it’s the gun’s fault, or the society’s fault. De Jesus Cruz is the victim in all this tragic incident, and Republicans and Conservatives who uphold the Constitution (the 2nd Amendment) are to blame. Also, the irony to promote terrorism as revenge against what the left regards to be a terrorist organization (the NRA) is lost on these progressives apparently.

The hate filled posts and the group itself seem to have been removed from Facebook by now, yet those crazy statements were up for almost 48 ours following the Florida shooting. The GOP football practice reference is about the June 2017 shooting of the Republican lawmaker Steve Scalise by a crazy Bernie Sanders supporter, James T. Hodgkinson respectively, who admitted he was trying to kill as many Republicans as possible following Donald Trump’s election. Here’s another far-left user on social media spewing hate against a parent of one of the victims of the school shooting, just because the father who lost his daughter in the massacre is a Trump supporter:

What next? Well, FBI will ignore the threats on Facebook the same as it ignored the threats the freak gunman made on social media. Then everybody will shake their heads and call for more gun control once they follow through, just like they’re doing now. Last time I checked, it was illegal to threaten to murder someone or to incite people to murder?