FBI: Anti-White Hate Crimes Are The Fastest Growing Racial Crimes In US

fbi hate crime

As per a new FBI report, anti white hate crimes are the fastest growing racial hate-crimes in the United States. If you take a look at FBI’s 2016 Hate Crime Statistics report, there were 876 anti-white hate crime offenses reported in 2016 in America. As per 2015 hate crime statistics report, the number was 734, which makes for an almost 20 percent increase (19,34% to be exact).

Last year (2016) was worse on all racial-hate crime-offenses compared to 2015. For example, there were 4029 incidents that targeted race/ethnicity/ancestry in 2015, vs 4229 in 2016. The same story goes with anti Latino/Hispanic hate crimes, which also saw an increase in 2016 vs previous years, 379 in 2015 vs 449 in 2016, an 18.6 percent increase. Anti black hate crimes declined by 3 offenses.

There has been an increase within religious hate crimes too, i.e. anti Islamic hate crimes grew by 26,7% and anti Jewish hate crimes increased by 20 percent.

One may argue that the rise in hate crimes is the result of 8 years of Obama’s divisive administration and 9 years of the media promoting racism and an anti-white agenda.

Obama’s AG Eric Holder testified to Congress that whites weren’t protected by hate crime statutes. It’s an opinion shared by former (thank God) President Obama, the entirety of the left and the mainstream media. I guess if you have the “audacity” to be born white, you deserve the hate that comes your way, because of your race.

Just imagine the real numbers of hate crimes against whites if our society didn’t lie?

Hate crimes against whites are rarely reported so it’s surprising to see any numbers. I am sure 90% of the crimes reported as hate crimes against whites are not reported as hate crimes by the FBI. How many times do the police and media say just because a black person called the victim a cracker, white boy etc in unprovoked attacks were not hate?

How many fake hate hoax cases where blacks (and others) try and get whites in trouble? Not only does this add to the fake black hate crime stats, the police and media never say that doing that very racist thing against whites is a hate crime.

I’m sure just the numbers from public school attacks would be in the 100,000 range. Many municipalities refuse for the record to label black on white crime as a hate crime. Just to give you a hint:

2013 stats from the DOJ because Obama has since refused to for the most part release stats by race:

Black violent crimes against whites 560,600
White violent crimes against blacks 99,403

[keep in mind black are 13% of US population, while whites are 65%].

Blacks were the attackers 85% of the time with regard to black/white violent crime & 83% of the time against Hispanics while Hispanics were the attackers against Blacks about 18% of the time while Blacks only account for 13% of the population. (previous reports show stats to be about the same.)