FBI, CIA Looking for the Traitor Who Leaked Top Secret Docs to WikiLeaks

According to a CBS News report, US top intel agencies, the FBI and the CIA respectively launched a manhunt for the insider (they used the word traitor) who leaked top secret documents to WikiLeaks. It is widely believed that the respective traitor or insider or whatchamacallit is a CIA operative.

However, considering the fact that the CIA is currently “offshoring” its services, i.e. it employs private contractors for various jobs, just like the NSA (remember Snowden?), it is very probable that the manhunt which is underway will have next to zero effects.

The joint investigation between the FBI and the CIA is aimed at clearing up the facts and to shed light into one of the worst leaks in CIA’s long history, a huge security breach that ended up in the exposure of thousand of classified documents. The respective leaks showed the whole world in full detail how the Central Intelligence Agency is conducting covert operations on US territory, which is against the law by the way.

The WikiLeaks intel cache describes how the CIA uses custom made tools (software/hardware exploits) in order to penetrate people’s smartphones, computer systems, smart TV sets and the whole plethora of the internet of things.

The investigation is said to be looking for the respective insider, which is either a private contractor or a CIA operative, with the mention that he/she must have had physical access to the leaked material. The thing is, the leaked documents, or the vast majority of them, were classified and stored in a so-called highly secure location of the CIA. According to sources, there were actually hundreds of people who would have had access to the respective so-called highly secure location and now investigators are combing through their names.

After WikiLeaks published the leaked CIA documents back in March, CIA’s director Pompeo had a nervous breakdown and he did an 180, railing against the anti secrecy organization (he previously lauded Assange’s WikiLeaks, prior to him becoming the CIA boss):

“It is time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: A non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia,”

One may argue that WikiLeaks, a non profit organization that basically got Trump elected, is now thrown under the Trump train as well as Steve Bannon and many of Trump’s fan-base (Trump was against NATO before he got elected and also was against executive orders, against taking days off from the white house, against the president golfing, against China manipulating the currency, against the Syrian war, against USA policing the world etc)… and he’s not against any of those things anymore.

The question is, is the swamp drainable or is Trump now part of the swamp?

Time will tell.