FBI Director Comey Asks DOJ to Deny Trump Wiretapping Claim

Comey issues a public plea for a cover-up?

In a dramatic plot-twist, FBI’s director James Comey requested the Justice Department to publicly reject President Trump’s accusations about Obama’s administration (presumably illegal) eavesdropping on the Trump Tower. President Trump accused Obama directly via a Twitter session on Saturday of ordering the wiretapping on the Trump Tower prior to his election as POTUS.

According to the New York Times, James Comey stated that President Trump’s “highly charged claim” is not true and must stand corrected due to the lack of hard evidence to back it up and the whole nine yards. However, the Department of Justice did not release any kind of statement, at least until now.

What adds more to the drama is the fact that in a matter of months after Democrats bashed James Comey for his so called attacks on Hillary Clinton and according to John Podesta, for the failure of her campaign, now the tide has changed and Republicans are accusing him of turning on President Trump.

James Comey made the respective request on Saturday in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s Twitter session but what’s really strange is that it is the FBI who has the jurisdiction to ask for a FISA warrant, not the Department of Justice.

Hence, asking the DOJ to deny publicly the President’s claim is perplexing, as he’s basically asking the DOJ to do FBI’s job so to speak, on FBI’s behalf. Why did not Comey just make the statement of denial himself?

It’s also unclear who at the Department of Justice would issue such a statement, basically rebuking a sitting president and putting a top law enforcement agency on a collision course with the country’s top leader, or, to put it differently, against the executive branch.

According to the NYT:

Along with concerns about potential attacks on the bureau’s credibility, senior F.B.I. officials are said to be worried that the notion of a court-approved wiretap will raise the public’s expectations that the federal authorities have significant evidence implicating the Trump campaign in colluding with Russia’s efforts to disrupt the presidential election.

Well, as Clapper admitted earlier, the wiretap over Trump-Russia connection has found nothing, so maybe we should get worried about Barack Obama interfering/sabotaging a Presidential candidate via a wiretap over alleged foreign entanglements.

Let’s remember how James Comey spoke last year about Hillary Clinton breaking the law over the famous email case while saying in the same time that he wouldn’t recommend for the DoJ to prosecute her, yet others will go to jail for doing what she did.

There are no signs that Donald Trump will back down on his Twitter allegations as WH’s spokesman Sean Spicer said that the White House demanded a Congressional inquiry into how Barack Obama abused his executive powers prior to the 2016 elections.


Source: NYT

Photo: AP Images