FBI: No Charges Against Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Because He BROKE NO LAWS!

CNN aired a report on Friday citing law enforcement officials who said that barring new intel that would change what they know so far, the FBI would not recommend charges against Retired General Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former National Security Adviser, who was basically forced to resign from the job after a strong mainstream media campaign against his alleged illegal calls with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Mike Flynn became very controversial in “selected circles” after rogue elements from the intelligence community revealed to the press illegally the transcripts/records of his pre-inauguration calls to Kislyac. The huge waves made by the mainstream media finally led to Flynn’s resignation at President Trump’s request.

However, even the final phase of mainstream media reports in the blitzkrieg against him admitted that there was no illegal behavior to talk about in the phone records which were leaked to the press.

It’s worth noticing that Flynn’s political assassination was mainly based on innuendo and conjecture (zero proof given as usual), as the media was “served” with just selected portions of the phone transcripts, which may hint that the full transcripts if made available would have prove that Mike Flynn did nothing against the law.

Initially, Mike Flynn told FBI investigators that he never discussed about sanctions with the Russian ambassador, but the investigators insisted, asking him if he was completely sure about his final answer. Flynn said that he didn’t remember.

The FBI agents believed that Mike Flynn provided truthful answers and he was cooperative and even if he failed to remember everything that was talked about with Sergey Kislyak, the FBI doesn’t think that Flynn was intentionally misleading them.

Both Judicial Watch and the Senate Judiciary Committee requested the full records of the intercepted phone calls between Sergey Kislyak and Mike Flynn on Wednesday, including the warrant that authorized the surveillance. In the absence of such warrant, Mike Flynn will be completely off the hook with regard to any (theoretical) federal charges, but the rogue elements in the intel community who leaked his conversations to the press are not.

Source: CNN