FBI: Official Report on Las Vegas Shooting May Take a Year to Release (VIDEO)

las vegas shooting report may take a year

According to FBI officials, the Federal agency is expected to release its final report on America’s worst mass shooting that took place on October 1st before the tragedy’s 1st anniversary, which means it may take almost a year.

Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse was quoted as saying:

“Now that’s a long time for some people, but speaking for the FBI, that’s light speed, all right?”

FBI needs time to get their lies in order?
Seriously? 80 minutes to breach the room of an active shooter and 365 days to issue a report on the incident…….why do we waste any dollars at all on law enforcement?

If Aaron Rouse is trying to save his job then he is wasting his time. If he wanted to inform the public then he is doing a really terrible job of it. I expect that the so-called report  would be redacted to uselessness, if it’s the truth. If they release a legible report, well… What’s the saying about a politician’s lips moving?

Okay, this is either an excuse for a MASSIVELY botched investigation, or a cover up of a possible attack that had more sinister underpinnings (yes, conspiracy theorists are sometimes correct, i.e. think along the lines of Mark Wahlberg in Shooter as an American assassin set up to be the fall guy; so similar to this-> Paddock with a very professional setup in his room, was being paid by casino winnings etc). Or, they are waiting a year because that will be after the 2018 midterms. If they let the motive of him being a left wing antifa terrorist that hates Trump supporters out, it would ruin the DEMs chances of winning anything

Either way, it’s obscene.

Merry Christmas to my fellow Deplorables. Thanks for keeping it real.