FBI Releases Images of Pentagon after 9/11

Search crew scour the wreckage

The images, which were first published in 2011 have reappeared on FBI’s website. They were taken after the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

A total of 27 images were released showing fire crews battling the blaze, while investigators and recovery teams were searching the rubble.

American Airlines Flight 77 slammed into the building at around 09:37 in the morning, it was traveling from Virginia to LA.

According to the U.S. authorities, the plane had stuck between the first and the second floor, killing 184 people.

As the images were published, it appeared as if they were released for the first time, but soon FBI spokeswoman, Jillian Stickels clarified that the images were first published in 2011. She explained that they were removed from the site due to a technical glitch, and they have been restored for the public as soon as the FBI learned that they were missing.

Here is a selection of those images:


Emergency Response
Water cannons mounted on trucks
“Pentagon Overhead”
Excavator removing shredded American flag
Plane Debris
The photo was labeled “Pentagon Debris”
Crash site being examined by search and rescue crews
Ash being shoveled by investigators from inside the building