FBI’s Latest Data Crime Statistics Shows Blacks Vastly Overrepresented in Violent Crime

fbi crime statistics 2016

The FBI just revealed their latest figures with regard to violent crime statistics in the United States. According to the newly released data, which analyzes arrests in terms of the perpetrator’s race/ethnicity, African Americans are vastly overrepresented in virtually every crime category, as usual.

Despite being just thirteen percent (13%) of the United States population, black Americans account for more than half (52%) of the arrests for murders. A total of 2,263,112 black Americans were arrested in the United States in 2016, and if you compare this figure to the 5,858,330 whites arrested during the same period of time whilst keeping in mind that whites make for 73% of US population (more than 5x the black population), you’ll find the situation of the black community in America to be quite dire.

Obviously, liberals would argue that the huge numbers of blacks being arrested by the police (never-mind the arrests for murders) are due to the systemic racial bias which permeated the law enforcement during Obama’s 2 terms in office, i.e. blacks are discriminated by those racist white cops, who arrest them even if they “dindu nuffin”, while white criminals are given a free ride home.

However, the bulk of crimes (90%) are committed by African Americans against their own ilk, i.e. the black community suffers the most from black on black violence, while the vast majority of police patrol cars have at least one African American/Hispanic/whatever minority officer present.

Also, black Americans are vastly overrepresented in basically every other category, including rape, robbery, aggravated assault, weapons violation, prostitution, motor vehicle theft and so forth and so on. Considering these dismal figures, it’s hard to understand why the left is constantly attacking president Trump for him trying to clean up the inner cities.

The situation is much worse actually. Consider this: Whites/Caucasians are more like 60-63% of the US population and a mere 10-13% of the world’s populace. A few years ago, FBI/DOJ’s Uniform Crime stats lumped all Hispanics except black Hispanics (who were classified as black) in with whites. And Hispanics have considerably higher crime rates than whites.

Moreover, blacks commit 50 hate crimes against Whites for every 1 by whites against blacks.Also Blacks rape about 14,000 White females per year as opposed to White males raping less than 10,yes TEN Black females per year(some years it is zero).These figures are from an article written by the famous conservative thinker Patrick Buchanan who gave I believe the FBI/Dept of Justice as his source.

African Americans have had a criminal history since the early 60’s of being way out-of-balance when compared to their proportional representation in the population. If you represent 13 percent of the population and commit more than 50 percent of the crime, you have a huge problem in that community. Time for a little self-evaluation rather than blaming white people.

The thing is, it’s a cultural problem. The culture of black Americans is kind of screwed up. It has a lot to do with the deindustrialization of our cities. Cities have turned into white collar places, as far as jobs go. If you can’t work in finance, or tech etc., you are out of luck. This started in the mid 70s and surprise that’s when the black community began to take a dive.

Now they are conditioned to live off of welfare. Just barely getting by. And any supplemental income comes mostly from illicit activity. A lot of it has to do with drugs. Drugs being the root of most inner city violence. Drug selling gangs warring over market share.

There are a lot of really nice black folks. And no, they are not the whited up kind. They all have something in common though. They come from a 2 parent household, and their parents have jobs. Something about that formula tends to produce stable people that have their heads right.