Fear Mounts as Acid Attacks in Londonistan Soar

acid attacks london

After becoming a very cosmopolite city which pays a huge tribute to the fake dogma of multiculturalism, Londoners are now fearing acid attacks like elephants fear poachers in Africa. The thing is, native Brits are a minority in London since 2011 if memory serves, and recently Londoners voted for their first Muslim mayor, who among other things became an internet sensation after basically saying that terrorism is the new normal in any big/multicultural city like London.

But today’s news is about acid attacks becoming all the rage in London. UK’s main city and capital saw 454 acid attacks reported last year, which is almost double from 2015’s figures (261). And the number of acid attacks is increasing rapidly. The answer to this almost medieval problem, at least the one proposed by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, was to require people buying acid to apply for a licence from Home Office. Here’s British MP Stephen Timms for AFP:

“What we cannot do is allow a situation where people feel scared to walk around the streets. And that’s the position we were getting into after that attack on the two cousins, people just thought it wasn’t safe to walk up and down the road anymore.”

A license to buy drain cleaner? Soon they’ll require licensing to buy ice picks, screwdrivers, hammers, scissors, kitchen knives, axes, chainsaws, and pointy sticks. All because we don’t want to offend Muslims.

 Provided the new legislation passes, shopkeepers will be required to ask their customers deemed suspicious about their intentions with the acid and to refuse the sale if they’re not sure about their intentions. The British politician said:

“The response in Newham has been really positive… Shopkeepers are actually very happy to be involved in addressing this problem,”

London has more cameras watching the public than any other city in the world, yet the politician made no mention of who is doing the attacks. I mean, surely they realize the real reason this is happening. That there is a connection between their recent problems and their recent actions. You mean to tell me that all of a sudden, a bunch of calm, civilized, rational Englishmen became acid throwers, child molesters and terrorists?

If you keep importing massive numbers of people from Africa and the Middle East (completely unvetted, mind you) into your country, what do you expect will happen?  And what is the Mayor of London doing about this to protect the citizens who voted for him, hoping he could bring some stability to a society perturbed by the reckless, compassionate left?