Fear Spreads Across Paris as Riots in Suburbs Spill Into City

If you were wondering why President Donald Trump is trying to enforce an immigration ban and to halt the refugee program in the United States, just take a look at what happened tonight in Paris France, a country with a huge number of Muslim immigrants (some estimates put the percentage of Muslims in France at 10%).

Hundreds of rioters, most of them immigrants, went on a rampage on Wednesday night, setting buildings on fire and attacking police officers. The riots spilled into the capital’s center with the rioters protesting over the alleged rape of a black man by French police officers.

The security forces were attacked by the angry crowds and were forced to release tear gas. The rioters set buildings and rubbish bins on fire in the vicinity of the Barbes Metro station, which is in the very close to the Eurostar hub at Gare de Nord.

The riot police was attacked as firefighters were trying to extinguish the fires. Shops were looted by small groups of violent protesters wearing masks and hoods for concealing their identity.

Tensions were running high in the Paris suburbs since the February 2 incident, when a black youth was allegedly racially abused, spat at, beaten up and raped by French police officers.

One police officer was charged with rape and 3 with assault over the incident. Squad cars and police stations have been attacked since then on an almost daily basis, together with patrols trying to enforce the law around France.

The Wednesday protest at Barbes was illegal, as the local authorities refused to give it permission, yet that did not stop the riots from happening.

Many French fear a re-run of the 2005 mass housing estate rioting which blighted the country for 3 weeks in a row, leading the President to declare a State of Emergency. The problem is that France already is in a State of Emergency for months now in the aftermath of Islamic terrorist attacks from 2016. What will be next? Civil war?

Source: Express