Fears of North Korea Drone Armada Launching Chemical Attack

drone army

Since we can’t have one peaceful day on this planet, that kind of a day when we can write “there’s nothing to report, go out and play”, now we just got word from a North Korean defector that Kim Jong-un (that crazy fat kid)’s regime has 100s of attack drones which can drop both chemical and biological agents on South Korea’s capital Seoul in a matter of minutes (under 1 hour). As a side note, Seoul is 50 miles away from the border, which makes it a prime target for a retaliatory strike from the Pyongyang regime.

A former NKorean diplomat turned defector in 2015 claims that Kim Jong Un-s army owns over 400 drones, described dramatically as deadly flying machines, which are safely harbored in underground bunkers, just like most of North Korea’s striking capabilities.

The defector uses an alias (Jin-myeong Han) to avoid assassination and he claims  that NKorean drones are capable of reaching Seoul within 1 hour. Jin-myeong Han is a former Vietnam diplomatic attache and he made these explosive claims during an interview for a Japanese newspaper, Sekai Nippo respectively.

Han also worked on developing radio-com links for the attack drones in his former position as a member of North Korea’s air-force, prior to him becoming a diplomat. To quote from the interview:

“My guess is that [North Korea] has 300 to 400 drones.

“I was surprised to see that people from the Korean Workers’ Party came and mounted something that appeared to be biological and chemical weapons on the drones,

“They conducted an experiment to spray chemical or biological agents over the mountains and fields nearby.

“I went to the mountain afterwards to check and found all animals dead, although plants survived.”

The drones are safely kept in underground facilities and moved around for avoiding satellite detection from the US. According to the North Korean defector, the drone army is just as dangerous for South Korea in the eventuality of an attack as ballistic missiles are, as each of those drones can carry a bomb (a drum of sorts filled with chemicals/bio-weapons) weighing 1200 liters. Earlier this week, South Korea’s military fired hundreds of bullets at an object thought to be a NKorean drone that flew over the DMZ.

Photo: Reuters