Federal Investigation of Jane and Bernie Sanders Heats Up

bernie sanders fraud

Internet sensation and Hillary Clinton Nemesis Bernie Sanders is facing a federal investigation into his wife finances (a now defunct college real estate deal). The situation is very serious, as the couple of  “millionaires and billionaires” hating champagne-socialists (Bernie is a millionaire himself by the way) hired a lawyer to look after their interests, as confirmed by an official spokesman earlier on Monday.

According to the complaint filled against Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders committed fraud while she was seeking a re-financing worth 10 million dollars for the college related real estate deal. The complaint was made in 2016 by Donald Trump’s former Vermont campaign chairman during the 2016 presidential elections, attorney Brady Toensing. There’s a separate complaint against Bernie Sanders though, which alleges that Sanders’s senatorial office put pressure on a bank in order for the wife’s loan to be approved.

When the Democratic senator was asked by the press on Monday to comment on his wife FBI investigation, he tried to dodge the answer, responding to a healthcare related question instead. The FBI probe seeks to determine whether Jane Sanders falsified loan-related papers as she was the president of Burlington College, a small Vermont-based liberal arts school that (predictably) went bankrupt and it was closed in May of 2016 (it also failed to meet accreditation standards, imagine my shock!).

This is just another good example of Socialists and other people’s money. The socialists do well, and the other people go broke. No wonder they want us to be ignorant of history. It looks like someone else is feeling’ the bern right now!

Let’s remember how Bernie Sanders used to complain about the increased costs of tuition at universities or executive salaries. I must point out that his wife increased her college salary to $160,000 per year at a school with an endowment of only 150,000 and 175 students, meaning $950-$1,000 dollars of the total tuition that every student paid went to pay her salary.

Also, the champagne socialist complained during the 2016 primaries about CEO’s that defrauded the American people and drove their banks into the ground, yet still receiving golden parachutes. How about his wife, who received a $200,000 golden parachute after running the college into the ground and filing a fraudulent loan?

Bernie Sanders claimed he’s going to give free college to everyone if he gets elected POTUS. And the claim comes from a family that couldn’t even manage one college without bankrupting it…

Ms. Sanders claimed the school received 125 million in donations in order to get a loan, which eventually bankrupted the school. In reality, there were only 25 million in donations and that’s the definition of fraud.

A socialist who committed bank fraud. Can’t make this up folks. We live in the best timeline.