Federal Judge Blocks President Trump on Sanctuary Cities Crackdown

judge orrick

If you were wondering what’s up with Donald Trump’s first 100 days into office, well, the answer is that he’s fighting tooth and nail with basically everybody, ranging from federal judges who think they’re kings (as in they’re unelected) that have the right to rule the land of the free, home of the brave on a whim to his own RINOs (read Paul Ryan and his ilk), not to mention the mainstream media and so forth and so on.

The latest attempt to stifle President Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again comes from a federal judge, US District Judge William Orrick respectively, who just issued the preliminary injunction with regard to 2 lawsuits that are arguing against the President’s executive action which targets sanctuary cities refusing to collaborate with the feds, i.e. they protect illegal immigrants from deportation.

The 2 lawsuits were brought by San Fransicko and Santa Clara County, both of them sanctuaries for illegal immigrants and the federal injunction will produce effects while the lawsuits work their way through the system.


Judge Orrick is a San Francisco resident and he has gone ahead blocking the enforcement of President Trump’s exec order that was barring federal funds from sanctuary cities. By the way, sanctuary cities are completely illegal, as they’re breaking federal law, but let that one go, it’s for a good cause after all (liberal logic 101).

The judge’s motivation for blocking Trump’s executive order was that the President doesn’t have the authority to withhold funding from sanctuary cities, as only the Congress can decide over federal spending.

It’s worth mentioning that Judge Orrick is a hardcore Obama supporter and donor, as he raised at least $300,000 for his presidential campaign and he personally donated $38,000 to organizations that supported Barack Obama.

This is the third time a federal judge blocks President Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises by throwing a monkey wrench  into his exec orders on a whim, and one may wonder why on Earth do we still have a President and a Congress when judges think that they’re the rulers of  our nation.


Photo S. Todd Rogers