Federal Judge Blocks Texas Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill

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A San Antonio federal judge temporarily blocked Texas from enforcing its Anti Sanctuary Cities law on Wednesday night by issuing an injunction, thus preventing the law from producing effects on Friday, when the bill (Senate Bill 4) is set to become law of the land . The Bill Clinton appointed U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia judge temporarily blocked most of a anti-illegal-immigration law which among other things bans sanctuary jurisdictions throughout Texas.

The Senate Bill 4 also known as SB4 is widely regarded as the toughest anti sanctuary city law in the United States, as it allows police officers to get intel on the immigration status of people they arrest and/or detain. Also, Senate Bill 4 requires local law enforcement to enforce detention requests from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Finally, Senate Bill 4, which was supported by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Governor Greg Abbott allows the state to remove sheriffs and police chiefs from office if they refuse to comply with the new law of the land. Supporters of the Senate Bill 4 regard it as a constitutionally sound law that will make the cities safer by removing dangerous criminals from the streets.

However, a number of Texas’ biggest cities (which incidentally are all Democrat strongholds) joined a federal lawsuit against SB4, which is claimed by a small border town and various civil rights groups to promote unconstitutional racial profiling. According to an official  statement by Texas AG Paxton:

“Senate Bill 4 was passed by the Texas Legislature to set a statewide policy of cooperation with federal immigration authorities enforcing our nation’s immigration laws. Texas has the sovereign authority and responsibility to protect the safety and welfare of its citizens.”

Judge Garcia’s ruling still allows law enforcement  to make inquires with regard to one’s immigration status, but it can only be applied in a way that does not violate the US Constitution, whatever that means.

If you arrest someone for a serious crime, wouldn’t the police do a fairly extensive search into this person’s background to find out who they are etc? Immigration status would surely be part of that and if found illegal, then ICE is called. I don’t get it, how that makes a city less safe or what part of the US Constitution is violated? I don’t think there’s a single Democrat in the US who understands the Constitution in any way, especially liberal-activist judges.

Photo by Eric Gay/Associated Press