Feds to Simulate Nuke Blast Over Manhattan in Operation Gotham Shield

With the world becoming a more dangerous place by the day, the US Gummint’ will simulate a nuke blast over New York’s iconic Manhattan in what has been dubbed Operation Gotham Shield.

Even if it may sound like a story from a Marvel comic book, this is as real as it gets. Considering all that’s  happening in the world in this day and age, with a special emphasis on that crazy fat kid Kim Jong-un and his marvelous nuclear weapons, it seems like Uncle Sam feels danger at hand as he’s starting preparing the general population for a mock disaster of sorts.

Next week, between April 24 and April 26, Operation Gotham Shield will begin in full force. Gotham Shield is basically a joint operation involving several US agencies, the likes of Homeland Security and FEMA, not to mention the plethora of military and law enforcement agencies tagging along.

Chemical, WMD and biological-warfare units will be tested in a “real life” exercise of sorts, as they’ll see action in the aftermath of a (let’s hope) simulated nuclear blast over America’s quintessential urban center, in the densely populated Manhattan out of all places. Some areas in New Jersey will also be affected by the nuke-drill.

Among the State and Federal organizations involved in the exercise, we must notice the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Energy, the US Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, FEMA, the FBI, NORTHCOM, State of New Jersey Office of Energy Management, its NY Office counterpart etc.

Needless to say, the crazy world of conspiracy theorists is fuming with false flag warnings and things of that nature. For further information about the upcoming nuke-drill, check out the video below, it’s pretty interesting and informative: