Fidel Castro, Cuba’s Former President Dies at 90

A new age for Cuba?


Fidel Castro, the former president of Cuba, El Leader Maximo of the communist revolution died aged 90. The announcement was made earlier by his brother Raoul. Fidel Castro died Friday at 22.29 local time said Cuba’s current president Raoul Castro.

Fidel Castro ruled Cuba with an iron hand for almost half a century before his brother replaced him in 2008. Fidel stepped out due to health issues but his brother kept the country’s one party system for 8 more years and maybe he’s going to try to make Cuba great again now, with Fidel gone in the marxist paradise, but I seriously doubt it.

Fidel Castro lived and died as a hard core marxist and while his supporters have said times and times again that he has given the country back to the people, his legacy was a country embedded in economical ruin, poverty and backwardness, just like all socialists countries from all around the world (Venezuela is the most recent example).

Raul Castro told the nation in a late night emergency broadcast on state TV that his brother Fidel is dead and he will be cremated today, Saturday. He also announced 7 days of national mourning.

Aside from an occasional column in the state controlled newspapers, Fidel Castro was basically retired from the political life. Back in April 2016, he delivered a rare speech in front of Cuba’s communist party’s elite, acknowledging his advanced age but saying that his communist beliefs are still there and the Cubans will be victorious.

He failed to mentioned what kind of victory the Cubans should be expected to win and at what point in time the communists world wide would see the error in their ways, crawl back into a corner and let capitalism, free markets and liberal democracies to do what they do best, i.e. to bring prosperity and individual freedom, as they did times and times again everywhere they were implemented in the last 250 years.

The former president said in the aforementioned speech that he lived to see 90 years old, something he’d never imagined. Also, he predicted his death, stating that, let me quote:

“Soon I’ll be like all the others, “to all our turn must come,”

As a quick reminder, Fidel Castro was born in 1926, in Cuba’s Oriente Province, in 1953 he was imprisoned as a leader of an uprising against the country’s Batista government. After 2 years he was released from prison following an amnesty deal which proved to be catastrophic for Cuba and one year later, together with his friend who he later abandoned (Che Guevara) begun a guerrilla war against the Cuban government.

In 1959 the communist uprising defeats the Batista regime and Fidel becomes Cuba’s prime minister. The rest is history.