Fiery Hollywood Falls in Slow Motion Courtesy of Harvey Weinstein


It’s now becoming increasingly obvious that the Weinstein scandal‘s impact on liberal Hollywood goes way beyond Tinseltown. I don’t know about you, but deep inside I always knew that Hollywood is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, and now, Harvey Weinstein made it official.

The Democratic stronghold which is Hollywood just received a fatal blow, an extinction-level event, but I’ll get back to that in a second. To begin with, Harvey Weinstein is a Bond-villain kind of a guy, a millionaire-grotesque-pervert specialized in sexually assaulting women looking for a part in his movies. This guy invented the casting couch, or so I’m told. So far, more than forty women accused the Hollywood producer of sexual assault, including 5 actresses (and counting) who claim they were raped by the evil mogul. His sex-abuse victims include the who’s who of Hollywood, the likes of Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow or Kate Beckinsale.

These stories describe Harvey Weinstein as the ultimate sexual predator, yet the mind-bending fact is that his behavior was well known inside Hollywood, something along the lines of an open secret. However, instead of speaking out, the luminaries in Tinseltown, ranging from producers to actors chose to keep quiet and turn a blind eye to Weinstein’s evil deeds, thus enabling him and tacitly approving of his behavior.

This begs the question: why? The answer is pretty obvious: because sexual depredation is rampant in Hollywood “culture”. And I bet that Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg, as many other Hollywood celebs/luminaries are going to be exposed by this scandal. For example, Ben Affleck, who happens to be a big Elizabeth Warren fan, has already been accused of sexual misconduct. And guess what: following the complaint, he tried to black-list the actress who revealed his abusive behavior.

At the time she was 15 years of age, actress  Jennifer Lawrence was told by a Hollywood big-shot “she was perfectly fuckable” and then literally ordered to participate in a nude lineup. Reese Witherspoon now reveals she was sexually assaulted by a movie director at the age of sixteen. These stories go on and on, depicting Hollywood as a den of sexual deviants, perverts and pedophiles.

Speaking of pedophiles, Corey Feldman, the former child actor admitted back in 2013 on The View that he was sexually abused as a kid by a number of Hollywood producers. The View host shot back at him:  “You’re damaging an entire industry.”

See, her immediate concern was to protect the liberal Hollywood’s interests, with almost zero interest for sex abuse victims. When it comes to Harvey Weinstein’s sex-abuse saga, the Hollywood fauna kept quiet all these years because many of them were doing basically the same things, i.e. they were as guilty as he was. Or, there were financial interests at stake, which prevented them from growing a conscience.

The end result of the Harvey Weinstein sex-scandal is predictable. The progressive Hollywood’s super-stars and celebs have lectured flyover America for decades on various progressive talking points, including racism, sexism, climate change, abortion, gay rights, immigration, open borders and, last but not least, the alleged evils of the Donald. Hollywood was also closely intertwined with the political left: Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and countless others DEM luminaries put their faith in Hollywood’s power, influence, prestige and glamour to win the hearts and minds of the American voters.

Both the Clintons and Obama were very close to Weinstein, who was more than a friend, but a major source of campaign contributions who also gave them full access to Hollywood fund raisers, even if they definitely knew that their “friend and benefactor” was a sexual predator. And just like with Harvey Weinstein, Democrats turned a blind eye to Bill Clinton’s sexual depredations, enabling and shielding him from being exposed until the last moment.

Now, it’s all over, as Hollywood lost all their credibility and the perceived moral authority. The emperor is naked. No informed American voter will ever take them seriously. Also, this story proves once again the bankruptcy of the Democratic left, including Hollywood, showing that the so-called liberals do not care about sexual harassment, the dignity of women or women’s rights, except from campaign rhetoric. They only care about power and they’re using feminism as a weapon to bludgeon conservatives, it’s all posturing and fake outrage.