First Border Wall Prototypes Unveiled With Phase One Near Completion (VIDEO)

us border wall

To begin with, here’s a cool video released by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Public Affairs – Visual Communications Division on Wednesday, depicting a time lapse construction of border wall prototypes near Otay Mesa Port of Entry.

These eight 30 ft high mock-ups of the future border wall between the United States and Mexico were completed on Thursday, and they’ll be next  tested for vulnerabilities, thus marking the first step towards delivering on one of President  Donald Trump’s seminal campaign promises.

Four of the mock-ups were built using concrete-only whilst the other four see-through structures are made from alternate materials. All eight models are designed to discourage/prevent illegal aliens from entering the US via Mexico. The US Customs and Border Protection lauded the construction of these prototypes at a presser on Thursday, describing them as “an announcement to be proud of.”

The six US companies that were selected back in September (out of 300 contenders) to build these prototypes are now awaiting for the Federal Government to pick one of the eight models showcased  in San Diego near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry on Thursday, which is to be used in the future to form a physical border (the famous Big Beautiful Wall) on the US/Mexico border in those areas where there are no natural barriers.

A border agent was quoted by MSNBC earlier this week as saying:

“We are going to test it for breachability, the subterranean aspect, can we dig under it, can we cut through it? Can we scale over it?”

“Can we do our jobs better? Absolutely, and I think these walls are going to contribute to that,”

According to the Wall Street Journal,  the future border wall must be strong enough to resist, let me quote:

at least an hour with a ‘sledgehammer, car jack, pick ax, chisel, battery-operated impact tools, battery-operated cutting tools, Oxy/acetylene torch or other similar hand-held tools.”

The wall is also supposed to look attractive to anyone seeing it from the U.S. side,”

President Trump will now have to secure the funding for the border wall construction, and he already asked Congress for 1.6 billion dollars to build/replace 74 miles of wall n Texas’ Rio Grande Valley and San Diego, which make for the busiest corridors for illegal crossings in the US. However, Trump’s greatest promise with regard to the border wall was that Mexico will pay for it.

That still remains to be seen.