Florida Public Schools To Excuse Absences, Offer Buses for ‘Rally for Gun Control’

Florida Public Schools To Excuse Absences, Offer Buses for 'Rally for Gun Control'

A number of public schools in Florida and Leon County will offer bus transportation and excused absences to students attending what has been described as the mother of all rallies, i.e. the so-called rally for gun control, which is set to take place at the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee, following the Florida high school massacre from last week. The announcement was made on Tuesday by Leon County, FL School Superintendent Rocky Hanna.

Tallahassee Democrat’s Ryan Dailey quoted FL School Superintendent Rocky Hanna as saying:

“What better lesson for them to learn firsthand than for them to exercise their freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech”

The gun-control rally will be attended by students from Parkland, FL’s Stoneman Douglas High School, and it is part of a series of events set for Wednesday. Leon County Republican Party chairman Evan Power pushed back against the decision and protested via an open letter which reads:

“I write to you today to ask some questions about your decision to excuse students from classes and to use school resources to transport students to a political rally. I appreciate your newfound respect for the student’s constitutional rights of speech and assembly, but ask if this same courtesy will be delivered in circumstances that you do not agree with. Will you also allow students to be excused and use school transportation in the future to attend a rally for educational choice, tax reform, or labor union transparency? In short is this a new policy or just a one-time effort to support an idea that you politically agree with?”

Yeah, what better way to let kids learn about their First Amendment Rights than by trying to take away Second Amendment Rights from hundreds of millions of American citizens!
Unfortunately, the left is using these kids to peddle their Gun Control agenda. Also, how is it that my tax dollars paying for public schools, is funding buses to transport radical leftist political activities?

When I was growing up, I don’t remember school kids protesting anything. I guess this has something to do with our failing public school system and horrible grades.  How about rallying the teachers to get free gun training instead? That would be a real prevention measure. Railing against guns won’t protect anybody. Armed security guards at every entrance to the school with metal detectors will.

This generation apparently wants to live in an America where only the government and the criminals have guns. I am not sure who they will need to fear more, the criminals or their government.