Flynn’s Resignation is a Big Victory For Trump’s Opponents

Former National Security Adviser, Michael T. Flynn was one of Trump’s key men

In the days following Flynn’s resignation as Trump’s National Security Adviser, it has become apparent that it represents a big triumph President’s opponents at home, but also abroad.

Without any doubt, Flynn was one of the most important people in Trump’s administration. The position of National Security Adviser remains one of key posts in every presidential administration, but for Trump, Flynn’s position as a link between the White House and most prominent intelligence organizations was of special importance.

In many ways, Flynn was Trump’s strongest player when it comes to dealing with the all-powerful US intelligence community.

So, one might ask, how is Flynn’s resignation going to boost Trump’s opponents? A very obvious evidence is the very conduct of the mainstream media, who represent the front-line in the establishment’s battle against Trump.

Flynn’s resignation gave the mainstream media, as well as Trump’s opponents in both parties, a reason to promote a view that his administration is chaotic. This has been a narrative the media have promoted, but more importantly, Flynn’s resignation over his contacts with the Russian ambassador, is what the media have been waiting for all along.

Trump has been accused of having links with Russia, and even benefiting from the alleged Russian hacking of DNC server. The narrative has persisted beyond his campaign and into his presidency. While the Trump administration has not yet made any concrete attempts to deescalate the tensions between US and Russia, this has not prevented the media, party establishments and intelligence community from leading an unprecedented smear campaign against Trump.

In this context, Flynn’s downfall is a perfect chance for Trump’s opponents to continue in their efforts to delegitimize his presidency and neutralize his attempts to relax tensions with Russia.

Because of this, Trump’s task remains monumental. He has lost one of his key allies, which will make it a lot harder for the president to pursue his agenda.

Image: The Guardian