Following IT Staffer Arrest, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is an ‘Absolute Wreck’

#Imran Awan

The huge scandal around Debbie Wasserman Schultz is basically ignored by the mainstream-media, with the exception of Fox News. To make a long story short, former DNC head  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who got fired from her previous position at the DNC for basically stealing Bernie Sanders nomination is now in a world of pain, for she had employed a number of Pakistani IT staffers to take care of the Democratic party IT security; of course, we’re talking about Imran Awan (the hero of our story) and his brothers respectively. Even if one of them was accused of a cyber security breach, Debbie had no problem with paying them with huge amounts of money.


Imran Awan and his brothers were paid in excess of four million dollars during their DNC/Congressional DEMs tenure. The crux of the story is Imran Awan getting arrested a couple of days ago as he attempted to flee the country. Prior to him trying to leave US, he wired $300,000 to his home country Pakistan. When arrested, Imran Awan had $12,000 in cash on him and the same goes for his wife (she fled the country too). Imran and his 2 Muslim brothers, Jamal and Abid were all working for the Democratic party and all three of them are under FBI investigation for unauthorized access to computers while they were employed as IT specialists. Each of the brothers was paid in excess of $160,000 per year and one of the them is known for having a criminal background.

Since Imran Awan was arrested, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in excruciatingly hot water over the huge IT scandal. The FBI previously confiscated a number of smashed (as in destroyed) hard drives belonging to the culprit, while Debbie went on and threatened the head of the US Chief Capitol Police, as the latter is investigating the massive security breach:

John Cardillo reported via Twitter:





And then we have this:


Here we have Pakistanis working in American government smashing hard drives – involved in all kinds of scams – blocked out of the server that was used for their actual work and fleeing the country…..oh, and paid 4 million dollars.

But, nothing to see here, the MSM is too busy on the “Trump is a Russian spy” conspiracy theory and ‘Trump bans trannies from military‘ nonsense.

One may argue Debbie knows what happened to Seth Rich and many others. I would be nervous myself. According to Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, the Awan brothers (who also worked for Democrat Congressmen Andre Carson) were sending sensitive intel to the Muslim Brotherhood: