Following President Trump’s Tweet, the RNC Resumes Financial Support For Roy Moore

rnc Resumes Financial Support For Judge Roy Moore

As per a Breitbart News report quoting a senior RNC official, the GOP will resume Judge Roy Moore’s financial support. If you’re not from this planet, Roy Moore is running for an Alabama Senate seat which was vacated by Jeff Sessions. The senior official for the RNC said “We stand with the president”.

Here’s from the report:

The RNC notified the RNC members from Alabama on Monday afternoon that the national party would resume financial support to back the state party in its efforts to elect Moore to the U.S. Senate. At this time, since this development is fresh, it remains unclear exactly what that means, but sources close to RNC leadership told Breitbart News that it would become apparent in the coming days.

Judge Roy Moore was deserted by the RNC/the establishment (both financially and morally) after reports of sexual harassment against the judge surfaced in the mainstream media, the usual culprits being WaPo and the failing NYT. The news about the Republican National Committee resuming financial support for Alabama GOP candidate Roy Moore comes following the POTUS’ tweet on Monday:

President Trump added:

Judge Moore’s wife, Kayla Moore said in a Facebook post:

“Judge Moore just got off the phone with President Trump-we have his full support! Thank you Mr. President! Let’s MAGA!”

While the Republican National Committee is now clearly backing Judge Moore, the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) is still withholding support, and that’s hardly a surprise since the NRSC is controlled by anti Moore/anti Trump Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was among the first establishment Republicans to push for Roy Moore’s ouster.