Following Trump’s Visit, Riyadh To Open Militant-Monitoring Center


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Following President Trump’s visit, Saudi Arabia promised to take new steps for combating the messages of ISIS (the Islamic State) and various others radical Islamist groups online. According to a senior Saudi official earlier on Saturday, the kingdom will soon inaugurate a coordinating center as early as Sunday. The inauguration ceremony will be attended by both Saudi King Salman and President Donald Trump.

The announcement has been made by the sec. gen. of the Muslim World League, Mohammed al-Issa respectively. Saudi Arabia seems to be eager now to join President Trump in his fight against ISIS and global Islamic terrorism. The coordinating center takes Saudi Arabia’s fight beyond military involvement, because you can’t fight an ideology with weapons only.

The thing is, Al Qaeda did not disappear after the Taliban were defeated, because Islamic based terrorism still existed. According to Issa, who is also directing the Saudi Arabia’s defense ministry Ideological War Center, the country has already begun a crackdown of radical Islamist websites. The Ideological War Center is aimed at mitigating distorted interpretations of the Koran and Islam via its official channels on social media platforms, i.e. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition has also built the world’s largest digital center, in order to oversee Al Qaeda/ISIS activity online which by now closed thousands of militant websites who where spreading extremist Islamic ideology.

This is huge news by any metrics folks. Yet all you see on most of the main stream sites is that Melania Trump didn’t wear a head scarf, and because Trump said Michelle showed a lack of respect… he is … fill in the blank… Again, he could cure cancer and would be vilified for putting scientists out of work. Bottom line, President Trump is doing his job. The press, the media and the Democrat party are all in a circle jerk to get him “impeached” when the rest of us are going about our business while he does what he was hired to do.

I say relax and watch how it’s done.