Former French PM Backs Macron for President

Former French Prime Minister and Socialist Manuel Valls endorsed centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron

Former Prime Minister in the Socialist government of President Francois Hollande, Manuel Valls, said he will vote for Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election.

Walls, a member of France’s Socialist Party, and was considered a likely candidate for Socialist presidential nomination. Valls eventually lost the Socialist primary to former education minister Benoit Hamon.

Valls’ support may prove important for Macron, who, together with Front National’s Marine Le Pen is expected to enter the run-off on May 7th.

“First of all, I’d like to thank him. And it shows that the social-democrats and responsible men and women on the left are ready to sign up for what I’m doing,” Macron said, thanking Valls for his endorsement.

But, the Socialist party’s presidential candidate Benoit Hamon, denounced the move:

“The instigators, the spokesmen and the theorizers of the decisions, which did so much harm to the left regarding the forfeiture of nationality or the labour law, have found or find refuge from now on with Emmanuel Macron.”

Almost all polls suggest that Macron will win the presidency, beating Marine Le Pen in the run-off. However, a high number of undecided voters indicate that the election is far from predictable. Macron, an independent centrist, strongly supports the EU and France’s immigration policies.

The conservative candidate, Francois Fillion, is trailing in the polls, following a fake jobs scandal involving his wife that has seriously undermined his popularity.

First round of the French presidential election will be held on April 23.

Source: Euronews