Former Marine Colonel Runs Write-In Campaign to Split and Steal Votes from Roy Moore

lee busby write in

This is the latest attempt from the swamp to stop Judge Roy Moore from becoming an Alabama Senator:  Retired Marine Colonel Lee Busby is set to run as a write-in candidate. Who is this guy, you asked? Well, a rabid never Trumper who served 31 years in the Marine Corps. During his last tour of duty, Lee Busby was also an aide to White House Chief of Staff John Kelley. This guy doesn’t have any significant campaign ground game, nor a campaign website. Instead, he relies on social media, emphasizing his experience as a former Marine, together with his background as a defense contractor, an investment banker and an entrepreneur. To make a long story short, he doesn’t stand a chance to get elected. His only mission is to draw away votes from Judge Moore, thus preventing him from becoming a US Senator.

A recent poll revealed that a minuscule three percent of Alabamians would vote for a write in candidate, whilst Roy Moore currently has a 7 point lead against his Democratic contender Doug Jones.

Phase II of the campaign. Charges didn’t work, media campaign didn’t work, Gloria Allred’s yearbook didn’t work, Republican speeches didn’t work, so off we go to the swamp option on the ballot. Anybody else smelling a swamp like desperation? RINOs would rather have a Democrat, but Alabama has seen the attacks and will not be easily fooled.

The thing is, Alabama is a very conservative state. And the level of opposition mounted against Roy Moore from the primary, to the run off, to the general is astounding. He should be a shoe in, but the establishment is aiming for failure. They can’t even let a conservative state elect a conservative Rep. They cannot let any conservative be elected anywhere. When Moore wins, it will be big. It will really light a fire under the establishment.