Former Oasis icon Noel Gallagher Slams “Hippy” Attitude to Islam That Allows Terrorists to Roam Free

noel gallagher slams islam

If you were born in the eighties, you are probably very fond of Noel Gallagher, Oasis’s principal songwriter, lead guitarist and co-lead vocalist. Oasis was a very successful English rock/Britpop band formed in Manchester in 1991, but today’s news story is about Noel, who seems to be one of the very few celebrities who chose to swallow the red pill, as in he speaks with zero political correctness about West’s attitude towards Islam.

During an interview about the Manchester Arena terrorist attack by an Islamic operative, a horrific bomb-attack which killed 23 people, most of them children and injured more than 200 during an Ariana Grande concert, Noel Gallagher was quoted as saying:

“Our government – seemingly – are powerless to fucking stop this shit. I have children and they’re growing up in London and they take the tube and I take the tube….and there’s like bombers roaming free around the fucking city.”

He then went on further into saying that the lame UK government and the general public’s hippy attitude towards Islam is allowing thousands of terrorists/known Jihadists to roam the streets. Noel has said:

“Our government and the government before them and the next fucking government after this one will be powerless to stop it because of some hippy ideal about people’s religious beliefs – fuck those cunts is what I say,”

Here’s the full interview:


The same views are shared by one of his friends, another Manchester music legend and close friend, namely Morrissey. The former Smiths legend has said on his official Facebook page:

“In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private. Politicians tell us they are unafraid, but they are never the victims. How easy to be unafraid when one is protected from the line of fire. The people have no such protections.”

These comments were made in the immediate aftermath of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, when Morrissey denounced political correctness while blasting the UK’s government’s lax attitude towards legal/illegal migration, emphasizing the fact that the British public is absolutely petrified when it comes to connecting Islam and terrorism, the elephant in the room so to speak. Morrissey asked:

“Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says the attack is the work of an ‘extremist’. An extreme what? An extreme rabbit?”


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