Former President George W. Bush on Trump Inauguration: ‘Some weird shit’

I don’t know about your thoughts and feelings on President Trump’s inauguration day, but according to three different sources, i.e. people that were present in the close vicinity of George W. Bush, this guy’s assessment of Donald Trump’s inaugural event was, let me quote:

“That was some weird shit.”

Coming from Dubya, this brief comment says it all about the state of affairs in the Republican establishment, doesn’t it? And it’s interesting to notice that George W. Bush’s official spokesperson declined to comment former president’s wise words. One may wonder why.

President Trump’s inauguration day was described by many as a surreal event, especially for those who attended it in person and not so much for TV viewers. Also, the experience was  a”once in a lifetime” kind of thing, despite one’s partisanship, i.e. whether you supported The Donald or not during the electoral process, but especially for the latter, i.e. the Never Trumpers.

For example, the stoic presence of epic loser Hillary Clinton on the podium was a spectacle in itself, a sight worth one million dollars for hard core MAGA supporters. Keep in mind that Donald Trump was (and still is) the only man on the planet who had the guts to tell Hillary to her face that if he becomes POTUS she will go to prison.

Dubya, also known as George W. Bush was there too, obviously, and he is well known for savaging The Donald during his electoral campaign, despite the fact that Republicans should stick together before Democrats, but that tradition is long gone now since the rise of the genetically modified RINO.

Hillary and George W. Bush attended Trump’s inaugural event for the same reason:  to honor what Barack Obama called “the democratic and peaceful transfer of power”. That happened (of course) before the fake-news media started accusing Donald Trump of colluding with the Russians or being an illegitimate president and calling for riots in the streets.

Dubya’s epic fight with his plastic poncho at the event quickly became an internet meme, with the Democrats stating on social media that they’re already regretting George’s relatively normal administration.

And there’s so much more to come…