Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express”

dan bongino lolita express

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino had a tumultuous Twitter exchange on Friday with a Clinton aide. During the furious back and forth, Dan Bongino threatened to disclose new and very spicy details about former president Bill Clinton’s twenty six document trips aboard the “Lolita Express”. In case you don’t know what that means, well, this is the nickname given to a private jet; to be more exact, notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet.

So, you know where this is going, #arkancide aside.The feud started between  former Hillary Clinton aide Nick Merrill and Dan Bongino as the former challenged the latter’s claim about how Clinton was, let me quote,  the most “manipulative political person in a position of power [he had] ever met in my entire life,”. The Clinton aide retorted that Hillary Clinton, let me quote again,  “has enormous respect for the Secret Service & a great relationship with the agents on her detail.” , while implying that Dan Bongino was never on Clinton’s detail. Bongino fired back immediately and disproved Nick Merril allegation by providing a photo depicting him as a Secret Service agent sitting behind Hillary, a picture taken in 2001.

bongino hillary

Dan Bongino then accused Nick Merill of being a fraud, and after that dropped an ominous threat: