France beats the U.S., UK, as the World’s Most Influential Country, according to Soft Power Index

France came on top of the list, ahead of the U.K and the U.S.

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The Soft Power 30 report was complied by the University of Southern California and PR firm Portland Communications. It included the list of top 30 of the world’s most influential countries, based on their soft power index.

Soft Power gained popularity as a term used to describe country’s influence excluding traditional political or military strength. Soft power has been defined as “a persuasive approach to international relations, typically involving the use of economic or cultural influence.”

It can also include aspects such as culture, education, economics and sport.

According to researchers, the election of Donald Trump and Brexit had a negative influence on their countries soft power rating.

“The UK … will spend the next two years expending nearly all of its energy on a bitter divorce with its largest trading partner and close allies,” the report noted. “At the same time, the US is test-driving its new “America First” foreign policy, which – at least initially – has put allies on edge, left the post-World War II security architecture creaking under the weight of uncertainty, and knocked back global efforts to combat climate change.”

The reports puts France at the top of the list, with a score of 75.75, followed by the U.K. with 75.52 and the U.S. with 75.02.

Countries that made it into the top ten are Germany, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden and The Netherlands.

Source: Euronews