France Sees Sixty Percent Increase in Radicalized Muslims in 2 Years

france radical islam

According to the latest data presented by France’s Minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb, forced diversity is taking its toll on the country, as the number of radicalized Muslims has gone up sixty percent since 2015. There are over 18,550 people listed/registered by the French authorities as potential Islamist radicals. The number of radicalized individuals in 2015 was 11,400, according to Ouest France.

The French government database keeps track of radicals’ alleged connections with terrorist groups and also their personal information. Minors currently account for 16 percent of cases, while females make for a whopping 26%.  France’s Minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb warned that 271 radical Muslims returned to the country after fighting in Iraq and Syria for the Islamic State. The terror threat in France remains very high to quote the French minister, with 7 potential terrorist attacks being foiled since the start of 2017. To quote  Gérard Collomb speaking to Le Journal du Dimanche:

“The terrorist threat remains very high. The Champs-Elysees has been targeted twice, and our services have foiled seven attacks attempts since the beginning of the year.”

One may wonder how dumb does a country has to be to have close to 20,000 (provided the real number isn’t way bigger than that) immigrants/French citizens who they know are potential terrorists living among them and all they do is “monitor” them?

Just as a quick reminder, French citizens are living with the army on the streets for almost 2 years now, following the state of emergency imposed in the aftermath of bloody Islamic terrorist attacks in Nice and Paris-Bataclan. France’s current president Emmanuel Macron has promised to end the state of emergency by the end of 2017 by passing a bill that would basically transform the state of emergency powers into permanent laws…

The Europeans. So sophisticated, so pacifist, so conquered.

Photo REUTERS/Ali Hashisho – RTX231U9