Frankfurt First German City Where Natives Minority

frankfurt germany

According to official data gathered by the Office of Statistics and Elections, Frankfurt is not  a German-native majority city anymore and that marks an absolute premiere. More than half of Frankfurt’s residents are now having a migrant background, 51.2% of its population respectively. However, this is not the first major European city where natives have become a minority in recent times.

London also became a non English city under Labor rule, as since 2001 mass immigration has radically transformed the UK capital’s ethnic background, with more than half of Londoners being now not ethnically Brits, but let that go. According to Frankfurt’s secretary of integration:

We have minorities with relatively large numbers in Frankfurt but no group with a clear majority.

Frankfurt’s biggest non German minority is represented by Turks, who make for 13% of its population. A big  chunk of Frankfurt’s citizens who were foreign born, 61% respectively are coming from other EU countries. The data is part of a long report which, among other things, analyzes the economic disparities between German natives and foreigners. The latter are doing much worse economically speaking, with almost half of them (49%) falling between poverty line, compared to just 23% among German natives. As per employment rates, 73% of men and 59% of women with foreign backgrounds are currently engaged in the work force, while German natives boast 83%/78% employment rates.

Frankfurt joins Brussels, London, Amsterdam and Geneva as yet another majority-minority city in the EU. Currently speaking, 2/3 of young people in many of Western Europe’s (including Germany) major cities are foreign born and according to various studies, native Germans will soon become a minority in other places, the likes of Stuttgart and Augsburg.