French Election: As Polls Starts to Close, Counting Begins

Polling stations close at 8 PM local time, but first votes already being counted

The first round of French Presidential election is still underway across France and its overseas territories. First polling stations have already started to close, while voting is still underway in large cities across the country.

First voters are already being counted, with the first results expected after 8 PM local time. Most Presidential candidates are arriving in their headquarters where they will follow the results of the election.

A large number of journalists are gathering in Hénin-Beaumont, the flagship municipality of the National Front (FN), ahead of leader Marine Le Pen’s speech this evening. Le Pen’s supporters have also gathered in expectation of the result.

In the meantime, French Interior Ministry warned of ‘fake news’ and said anyone receiving “fake texts predicting results” should ignore them as it does not send texts.

According the latest reports, the turnout is lower than in two previous Presidential elections, but is expected to reach around 80 percent.

Source: BBC

Photo: Reuters