French Elections Start to Get Ugly

Political Attacks Mount

Judges are accused of taking orders directly from the President. Mainstream media is accused of bias and fake reporting. The country is in disarray, in a near civil war state. Sounds strangely familiar.

It’s just that we’re talking about France, not the United States last year’s bitter electoral campaign. This is France in 2017, a country which is suffocated by its self-made problems, a European Union powerhouse which is in a state of emergency for over a year now.

The army is deployed in the streets following horrific Islamic terrorist attacks and minorities are rioting  and burning their neighborhoods for ridiculous reasons.

And on top of that, presidential hopeful Francois Fillon accuses France’s socialist government of failing to protect candidates during the electoral campaign, emphasizing the increasingly aggressive and ugly tone of 2017’s presidential election.

And he’s right, as buses transporting supporters for a rally in Nantes last  weekend were attacked during a counter-demonstration against Front National’s Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen is the leader of France’s Front National party which is touted by the mainstream media as a far-right political organization, despite the fact that Front National’s political platform is leaning left heavily (more state, nationalization, more welfare, higher taxes etc).

The intentional  (fake) far-right association is due to Le Pen anti open-borders and anti European Union stated policies, which is basically the definition of nationalism and has nothing to do with the right; all communist regimes were/are heavily nationalistic by the way, but I’ve never suspected the pundits in the mainstream media of having a solid culture.

Getting back to our story, Francois Fillon’ accused the current French government of, let me quote:

“failing to create the conditions for the peaceful exercise of democracy, thus allowing a climate of near civil war to develop in the country.”

During the police clashes  with the vandals and “anarchists” in Nantes on Saturday, seven cops were injured by firebombs and rocks at  the “Never LePen” protests.

Both Le Pen and Fillon are currently under judicial investigations into their alleged use of fake parliamentary aides and they accused President Holland and  the far left activists of disrupting their campaign events on a daily basis; and of course, it’s Trump’s fault.

Here’s EHESS social political sciences Herve Le Bras:

“The way that Trump has defied the justice system and attacked the media, calling them ‘fake news’, I think in a way it’s encouraging Fillon and Marine Le Pen to copy.

“They can see that it seems to work in the United States,”

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazaneuve scorned the accusations saying that:

“In politics, especially during campaigning, you need a certain dignity, a high-mindedness, and respect for the truth.

“Really, a ‘near civil war’? … Before he was talking about an ‘institutional coup d’etat’, what will he say next? ‘An extermination of the programmes’? ‘A Holocaust of the candidates’?”

This is not going to end well.

Source: Yahoo