French Politician Marine Le Pen Charged for Tweeting ISIS Photos Under New EU Anti Terror Laws

So much for free speech

French Politician Marine Le Pen Charged for Tweeting ISIS Photos Under New EU Anti Terror Laws

French politician Marine Le Pen was charged on Thursday by French prosecutors for tweeting what has been described as “brutal images” revealing ISIS violence. According to the statement released by the prosecutor’s office in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, Le Pen faces up to 3 years in jail, provided  the case reaches trial and she gets convicted of “distribution of violent images”. The French politician also faces a steep fine, which can go as far as $90.000.

Marine Le Pen’s crime was that back in 2015, she tweeted a video which depicted Islamic State terrorists executing a number of people, including the murder of American reporter James Foley. The tweets were made in the aftermath of the November 2015 ISIS terrorist attacks on Paris, as Le Pen accused the French authorities of not doing their job. Marine Le Pen was quoted as saying on Thursday:

“it’s clearly aimed at silencing me. Yet I will not be silenced”. Le Pen said she would consider a potential conviction as a “medal of patriotism and defense of the French people.”

Distribution of violent images? How about the distribution of real images of what is happening? Just as journalists do. The National Front leader had her immunity from prosecution lifted by the French parliament last year.

If anyone questions why we have the First and Second Amendments to the US Constitution, just look at this issue in France. This is what happens when the citizenry of a country doesn’t have the means to fight the government. They will send you to prison for “distribution of violent images”; this is a suppression/censorship of freedom of speech,when you criticize the government. This is why the 2nd amendment is important. Going by this logic, France should start imprisoning people who mention or show images of the Holocaust.

Welcome to the new EU. Germany started all of this nonsense with their zero criticism policy to open borders and mass immigration. All others followed suite. This is pure political persecution. Le Pen opposes the Islamic State, obviously, but the authorities who are beginning this investigation want to cover up the Islamic State’s atrocities, so as to keep the French public from opposing their policies of mass Muslim migration. By prosecuting Le Pen, they shift the focus from the Islamic State’s atrocities, and from the mass Muslim migration issue, onto her, and put her on the defensive. It’s Machiavellian, it’s evil, and it’s effective.