Frustrated Democrats Plot to Remove Trump from Office

Jamie Raskin

Two dozen DEMs are currently sponsoring a bill aimed at laying foundation for removing the POTUS from office under the pretext that Donald Trump is mentally incapacitated. Imagine our shock, sore losers Democrats trying to engineer a soft coup d’etat just because they’ve lost (and keep losing) an election. Truth be told, the US Constitution contains a 25th Amendment which allows the Congress to remove a standing POTUS after establishing a medical commission in order to determine if the President is fit for office.

However, to put the show on the road, the Democrats would require the Vice President (Mike Pence) to agree, which will never happen. So, this is all a smoke and mirrors diversion, a move destined to fail, a born-dead plan which only shows us how desperate and clueless Democrats really are. The thing is, even if the 25th Amendment was added to the US Constitution following President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination, the Congress never put together a medical commission in order to assess a POTUS’ mental health.

Despite all these, a Maryland DEM congressman is trying hard, as he tweeted last month:

Trump’s mental incapacity is no laughing matter’

Even if this unhinged plan only attracted 24 (DEM-only) co-sponsors so far, Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, who among other things teaches constitutional law (just like dear leader Barack Obama, who violated the provisions of the US Constitution countless times) still has hope, showing us once again how detached from reality these guys are.

If you want to take a look, here’s Raskin’s bill, which if passed would allow for the leaders of the House/Senate to assemble a medical commission composed of 2 psychiatrists and 2 doctors for assessing the POTUS’ mental health. To quote the DEM hero in the interview for YN:

“In case of emergency, break glass. If you look at the record of things that have happened since January, it is truly a bizarre litany of events and outbursts. I assume every human being is allowed one or two errant and seemingly deranged tweets. The question is whether you have a sustained pattern of behavior that indicates something is seriously wrong.”

A bizarre litany of outbursts,” the Senator says. Because when a Republican President is handed a shovel full of BS by the press he is supposed to eat it with quiet dignity. A normal, reasonable person does not accept daily insults. Certainly a professional politician does, but Trump is not that and that’s why he was put into office. The progs/DEMs have a hard time dealing with reality, i.e. that you can’t remove a president just because the opposition doesn’t like him. If you could, we would never have a sitting president. What they haven’t figured out yet is that Trump is baiting them and we are all watching the meltdown! If you ask me, Jamie Raskin appears mentally unfit, just look at his photo (he strikes me as a IRL Cosmo Kramer) and listen to him.

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